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Sabrina’s Healing Modalities

Cranio Sacral

A gentle hands on (or Remote) method of scanning the membrane & cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds and protects our brain and spinal cord.

Quantum Energy

Using various energetic modalities I access your energetic field and tap into your blocked energies, and go to the original wounding and help you reset them.

Shamanic Healing
Using Peruvian and Mayan traditions, I “track” your energy over lifetimes to place you back onto your original sacred and divine path of this Lifetime.

Kundalini Yoga
Using an energetic yoga tradition, we work together to upgrade your physical and energetic bodies to help you manage and upgrade your meridian system.

Akashic Records
I travel to your Earth, Galactic, and Angelic records and look at the origins of your distortions in this lifetime and the reasons you may be stuck, to free you from your destructive patterns.

Past Lives Reading

I help you solve and release you from misinformation you have stored in your cellular memories from past lives that stop you from living your fullest life this time around.

Vibrational Raindrop Therapy

Reduce stress and relax your body with Raindrop Therapy Technique and specially calibrated tuning forks along with Young Living therapeutic essential oils to reset your endocrine and glandular systems to jumpstart and clear blocked energy and bring your physical body back into balance.  (in person or remote session available). 

Animal Communication

Do you need help communing with your animals past or present?  Do you need help locating your lost furry friend? Do you need to understand and help alleviate your pet’s discomfort or health issues?  (in person or remote sessions available)

Scalar Energy Healing

Experience state of the art healing using Scalar wave technology to digitally scan, analyze, and measure the health of your entire body system.

Biomat Therapy

Release stress by relaxing your muscles and enjoying soothing Far Infrared Ray heat, while enjoying the negative ion and conductive properties of Amethyst channels, simply by lying on the BioMat and promoting a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

Damanhur Healing

Experience a session of a healing modality from Damanhur, Italy (a small community nestled in the Alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy) where the use of ancient technology called Selfica and Stiloself is used.  Per legend originating from mystical Atlantis.

Scalar Energy Scanner

Experience state of the art healing using Scalar wave technology to digitally scan, analyze, and measure the health of your entire body system.  This technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife and others where specific frequencies were identified in the human body to measure the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure by passing a micro current frequency through the body and measure its resistance. (in person or remote sessions available)

Life Coaching & Mentorship Programs

Access your Divine Blueprint.  My life coaching guidance will help you find your next steps in your destiny.  Join my mentorship program to harness your energy and break the bonds that prevent your spiritual growth with daily practices and techniques.

Reset ~Resolve ~Evolve…
…the Awakened YOU!

Access Your Divine Blueprint

Gain understanding to reset your 3D through your own personal development to tap into and lead yourself to self-worth and empowerment to your cosmic soul abundance to the fullest potential of your divine blueprint.


“If you go within, you don’t have to go without!”

Sabrina Wellendorf

Energetic Clearings

Have a space in your home, office, or land that needs to be energetically cleared?  Feel like there is an energetic presence left over from another space, dimension or timeline?  I provide clearings in person or remotely.

What energetic clearings do…


Clears Stagnant Energy


Balances Disruptive Forces


Exorcise Stuck Spirits & Ghosts


Revitalizes Your Space

“What Are the Akashic Records?According to followers of the Theosophic spiritual movement, which originated in the nineteenth century, all of the thoughts, events, and knowledge throughout the history of mankind are stored together in a massive cosmic compendium known as the Akashic records. Sometimes referred to as "The Book of Life," this collection of wisdom and ideas is seen as more than just a compilation of stored information. Instead, these records can be viewed as a guidance tool that can influence our thoughts, feelings, and views of reality.”

“If you go within, you do not have to go without.

– Sabrina Wellendorf

Recent Articles

The Akashic Records and Accessing them

By Patti Wigington Updated February 08, 2020 The Akashic records are a compendium of all human knowledge that can be accessed on the astral plane. According to Theosophist philosophy, the Akashic records don't pass judgement or label actions as good or bad;...

Profound words to ponder deeply

This is a quote from my Kundalini Master teacher - profound words to ponder deeply. “If the body does not flow with the soul and the soul cannot command the body, the human life is lost. It has no purpose. The relationship between the human body and the soul is like...

Are you a Wayshower / Trailblazer or Follower?

After reading an article posted by my friend Maureen, questions poured into my head. Did my Soul come here to this plane to take responsibility for my own actions and did those actions affect others in a new and 5D way? I think my answer has to be yes. My life musings...

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