Akashic Records

Akashic Records


Akashic-Records“Akasha” is a Sanskrit word, meaning “Heavens or Ether” and is the root word for Akashic Records. In Eastern philosophy, there is a belief that all our actions through all our lifetimes and incarnations—all our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, actions, deeds and intentions leave an energetic imprint which are all recorded in a permanent library for everything from the past, present and even our potential for the future. Each soul has Masters, Teachers, and Beings of Light to track and guard that information for them and each individual has their own set of books, one for each lifetime. By accessing these books—the greatest storehouse of infinite knowledge about you awaits you. During the one hour session, when your records are accessed, many transformative shifts can occur which can cause a domino effect in your present lifetime, that can guide you through the quagmire of what we call choices.

We all, at some point, find ourselves at crossroads, unsure of which path to take, what decisions to make, what choices to make for the future. What if you could shift the course of this lifetime in an hour? What if you could narrow your choices, and/or glean more information about a situation or decision that paralyzes you—and prevents you from making the best choice of your lifetime.

Benefits Of Accessing Your Akashic Records

By accessing your Akashic Records, your personal road map becomes clearer, so you can better navigate life situations that you may get thrown into and move closer to your Soul’s true calling. The Akashic Records reveal the truth from other lifetimes, which information may help illuminate the pitfalls in your current life path so as to not repeat the same mistakes. Clear your Karma, uncover Soul Contracts, discover past lives and find your purpose by accessing your Akashic Records.

The librarian Guardians, Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters, and Beings of Light are all available to oversee your personal records—your Soul’s Journey—and share that knowledge with you. Whether you are struggling with career issues, your relationships, or your fundamental approach to life, the information you receive may create a shift, however small, and create a huge transformation in the way you live your life.

Open your Akashic Records and discover the gifts of your Soul!

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