trail-blazer or followerAfter reading an article posted by my friend Maureen, questions poured into my head.

Did my Soul come here to this plane to take responsibility for my own actions and did those actions affect others in a new and 5D way? I think my answer has to be yes. My life musings are a testament to this fact.

Many of us are here this lifetime to have fun and live all aspects of the human experience. Then there are those of us who are here to complete a specific mission or specific task. All purposes are good and we do some or more of them at different times in our lifetime. Do you know yours? Are you curious about yours?

I know that i came here for a specific task… to help mankind ascend to the next level of consciousness. This has taken many forms in my Soul growth. Some of us have already achieved ascension in other lifetimes or other worlds and have incarnated here to share that knowledge and experience because of our great love for this 3D human existence.

We do not need accolades or awards to achieve our goals or to prove something to our egos. We do not require or need a badge of honor or medal. We are here to help raise the consciousness of all those who can hear the Clarion Call and rise to the occasion of ascension. The bugle has been blown, the call has been heard, now the true work begins.

We come in all sizes and shapes, in all colors and hues under the sun, from all walks of life–some leaders, some not. Some knowers–some knowers of naught.

We are here to be of service, to anchor the light. To shine our light in the darkness–so others may see their way and not stumble and fall. We are here to show by example, to help people up from their fall and get them back on track. We have already drunk from the deepest dredges of the bottom of the barrel and the blackest hour of the Soul, dusted ourselves off the floor, pulled ourselves up by the boot straps, and have stood up tall and in our light–knowing and feeling the true prize is in sight. We have been through the crucible of fire of the Soul and survived. Our Soul has risen from the ashes. We are here to make things easier for others. To offer help and give hope to those in despair. Offer light to those who have lost their way–so they can get themselves out of the mire and quagmire of chaos in their lives–some created by them, some not.

We lead by example. We are the Wayshowers, the Trailblazers of the Light!

Peace, Light & Love!