IntuitionIntuition is how your Soul speaks to you. It is the inner voice that never lets you down–unless you let it be confused with your Ego.

Your Soul is the ever-eternal piece of you that is connected to Source Creator ALWAYS. The Divine Fractal of you connected to all things and all consciousness at all times. Everything & Everybody!

Your Soul knows what to do and has experienced all aspects of you in all dimensions and all timelines–past, present & future, but in a non-linear fashion. So wherever your consciousness resides–that is the NOW for you. However, being & staying in the NOW is the hardest thing for most people to practice. It is very difficult to not get stuck in our Past and be afraid of our Future.

If you trust your Intuition, you will be lead to your next Teacher or your next Guru will show up for your next project, your resources, your creative processes of what you need to do next in this lifetime and create all that you have dreamt of. It is one of your most powerful discerning tools in your tool belt. New scientific research is now even proving that our Guts are our “second brain.” The yogis had it correct all along.

Learn to listen to, and trust your inner guidance and “gut.” Learn to distinguish it from your ego. You have to maintain a daily practice to be in the flow and stay in your truth so you can learn to distinguish all parts and aspects of the self. Know your inner Guru and you will know when you are being true to your “soul flow”– the creative force of being one with the Divine!

Tap into your Intuition and you will tap into your Soul Purpose and Destiny.

As you become more and more proficient in your alignment with your Soul Purpose, your Intuition will become stronger, your path will become easy and smooth and more in line with your heart’s greatest desire.

Start each day with a specific meditation to tap into Divine Flow. It can be a simple 1-minute breath or going into stillness, a 10-20 minute meditation or an hour practice. Pick a time and stick to it. Practice it daily. The side effect is greater Intuition and Clairvoyance.

Sit back, relax and Intuit your next move with “ease & grace.”